Monday, March 21, 2016

There are many misconceptions about the "establishment principle" owing to the fact that so many people fail to recognize that every civil government effectively supports some worldview.  For instance, the US government currently supports various and sundry educational institutions that fall within what the US government deems appropriate policy and philosophical stance. Typically today that policy and philosophical stance falls outside the religious stance of our American Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers, but instead is rooted in secular humanism.  The Reformation Party is hoping and praying that God might change hearts and minds to return back to that earlier religious persuasion.

In the meantime, there are still many things Reformation Party members can do within the current legal and constitutional confines we find ourselves in today.  We can seek to show how Biblical principles can successfully be applied to address political, social and economic problems.  Party members may especially find local politics amenable to such political activity, where great numbers and great sums of money are not requisite.

Qualified members of the Party can run for local political office, or help those who are running.  Generally this can take the form of running as an independent in local elections, as well as getting involved in initiatives related to certain specific issues.  (For one example of this see  As a member that has been engaging in this process, there are many things I have learned about the ins and outs of doing so.   I recommend first attending Board meetings of your local town council and/or public school.  Find out about office opportunities, and when the next election will take place.  Inquire about requirements of running for office.  Identify what local problems need to be solved, and assess what solutions are possible, based upon Biblical principles.  Determine how you would go about running for office and what your candidate platform would include.  Then work to implement your plan.  Finally and most importantly, pray that God would bless your efforts, and that He would use you to accomplish His will.

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